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The Cosmic Fest, a holistic festival on human and planetary well-being, which has reached 11 public outings, invites you to an international meeting that will see the participation of various protagonists of the event, also confirmed in the last two years as the most followed in Italy in the sector. and which took place in the spaces of the Convitto Palmieri / Bernardini Library in Lecce (Puglia, Italy) and with annual flagship initiatives at the Castromediano Museum.
The meeting is exceptionally scheduled online on the zoom platform for February 27 and all those who request it can participate for free by clicking on the button below.
The meeting, in addition to being an opportunity to exchange a collective greeting from different parts of the world as a good wish for a new planetary time of well-being and joy, will also be an opportunity to share the results that the festival has achieved both in the area and in the community and individual participants. The two editions of the festival (2020 and 2021) that will be discussed were organized and produced by Cosmic Community with the collaboration and partnership of the Polo Biblio Museale of Lecce, the Castromediano Museum, the Convitto Palmieri, the patronage of the Province of Lecce and City of Lecce and the contribution of the Extraordinary Program of Culture and Entertainment 2020 of the Puglia Region, and with the collaboration and support of many professionals and different realities of the territory.

"In these two years where all of humanity has faced difficult times, the Cosmic Fest has not shied away from its usual goal, which is to promote the well-being of both people and the entire Pachamama. We wanted to support in the presence the good practices that support the soul and body of both people and all living beings, so necessary for the dark period we have been through. And so two editions of festivals that were even more captivating and rich than those normally made in previous years came out, giving unforgettable moments, and whoever is from the environment can say also "historical" "(Cosmic Community)
This premise will open the meeting which will also be an opportunity to announce the first news of the next edition of the Cosmic Fest, which as always will be in attendance and works to reserve many nice surprises for users.


Take part in the 2022 event
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how can i participate in the event?

Meetings, conferences, workshops ... many are free. Others require a very small contribution to the costs.

Soon you will be able to enter the program, browse and choose, subscribe.
Initiatives, veg food, music, artists and above all many beautiful encounters ...

As an exhibitor or cosmic soul

In the festival there is an area to promote, exhibit and sell their articles. There is an upstream selection compared to the groups, artisans and companies that participate and which concerns the type of products sold and the materials used: food of plant origin, articles with eco-sustainable materials, new technologies for well-being, sector books ... Both an area with stands and another for small self-producers are planned. It is not a fair (and it never will be), we are first of all together with the intent to feel good in the "community" and to do good.
And from this year also a space dedicated to the promotion of holistic activities, many cosmic souls will make their knowledge available ...
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festival also organized with the contribution of the Extraordinary Program in the field of Culture and Entertainment of the Puglia Region 2020 - Tourism and Cultural Industry Department

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