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After the wonderful experience of last year, the highly anticipated Cosmic Fest (also called Cosmic Vegan Fest), an international festival on human and planetary well-being that will be held in the spaces adjacent to the Bernardini Library from 16 to 22 August 2021, returns to the Convitto Palmieri in Lecce. The event, which reached its 7th edition with great success and 10 public releases, is based on a vision of progress that takes into account the multiple facets of possible realities, in a relationship of mutual respect between human beings, created (animals, plants, water, earth , air) and invisible (psyche, emotions, spirit). The Cosmic Fest offers many initiatives on well-being with interventions by specialized doctors recognized at national and international level, awareness courses with qualified holistic professionals (yoga, naturopathy, meditations ...), individual and collective practices on eco-sustainability, conferences, master classes, cinema of particular artistic-spiritual importance, to end in the evening as always with concerts.
 There will also be the long-awaited Veg exhibition area, eco-friendly items, exclusively plastic free tableware and, like every year, the water at the COSMIC VEGAN FEST is free!

The festival is conceived by Cosmic Community with the partnership and collaboration of the Polo Biblio Museale of Lecce, Castromediano Museum, Bernardini Library, with which institutions have already implemented a path of cultural and territorial promotion last year that has received an excellent satisfaction and participation also with the Cosmic Theater annual review. The festival is also realized with the contribution of the Puglia Region - Department of Tourism and Cultural Industry through the Extraordinary Program of Culture and Entertainment 2020, and with the patronage and collaboration of the Province of Lecce, City of Lecce, City of Montescaglioso and various local and international associations.

"This year the beloved Cosmic Fest will be held for seven consecutive days for a great party in sharing the joy and formation of our idea of" community ". In the term "community" the festival imagines from the beginning not only the set of people with their habits, customs, traditions, personal data, located in a territory. For "Community" Cosmic Community has always taken into consideration all the existing elements of a place: animals (no longer the latter victims of the holocausts of the livestock industries, especially the intensive ones, one of the ascertained main causes of the environmental disaster and planetary deforestation) , vegetables (starting from the promotion of organic farming, protection of local seeds), air, land, water, human beings.
We feel that it is time for an individual and collective reconciliation between all these elements in complexity, with the subtle intention that a common celebration of existence can manifest itself in the cosmic heart. Adopting a plant-based and organic diet, implementing individual paths to improve the physical-energetic-psychic field, reaching a harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment, can be a great advantage to be encouraged for a path of real evolution. The work we carry out with tenacity and many collaborations is among the most innovative in Italy, it is based neither on the past nor on the future, but on what everyone can improve in the present to feel better than before (the creator of the Federico festival De Giorgi).

The Cosmic Fest is the festival aimed at everyone and in recent years it has brought to the Apulian (and also international) territory themes that until years ago were niche, involving prominent and highly appreciated voices from various fields with particular regard to food and Welfare.
There are numerous associations, organizations and professionals who are contributing to the formation of this event which is now one of the most anticipated of the whole year. Stages in Basilicata, France, Spain and Argentina are planned soon.

The rich calendar for the great stage scheduled in Lecce from 16 to 22 August 2021 at the Convitto Palmieri / Biblioteca Bernardini, will soon be available on the website www.cosmicveganfest.it and provides for 7 parties every evening in the poetic spaces adjacent to the Bernardini Library where already the last year it was possible to enjoy great participation in a magical atmosphere.

"Natural Oxytocin" is the track of this year's Cosmic Fest. Oxytocin is a hormone produced naturally by the human body and precisely by the hypothalamus and secreted by the neurohypophysis, an anatomical structure the size of a bean, located at the base of the brain. Enclosed and protected by a bony niche, the pituitary consists of two contiguous glands that give rise to an anterior portion and a posterior portion (neurohypophysis).

here we are!

Do you want to propose yourself in the Cosmic Fest 2022?
As every year we are also available to receive and select initiatives from those who wish to be part of the festival: professionals, companies, collaborators.
You can send an email to info@cosmicommunity.org specifying every detail of the proposal
Or you can fill out this form next to it.
Thank you. We look forward to being able to cooperate this year. We will try to contact you as soon as possible.

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Light, love and blessings.

Cosmic Community

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